I'm okay with someone "going it alone" when they go to sell their home. I just wish they were a little more willing to actually reduce the price so that the Buyer gets some of all this money they say they are saving by not paying an agent a commission.

On the Buyer's side - if they aren't going to see a substantial savings by "going it alone" - then they are best finding that one right agent that will build a team for them since that agent will likely be getting paid by the Seller at the time the transaction goes through.
So here's 10 reasons to use a Buyer's Agent:
1. Analysis of your real estate needs and determine housing criteria
2. Research properties
3. Send you listings that match your needs
4. Provide information pertaining to your move or relocation
5. Educate you about home buying processes
6. Provide information on market conditions, schools, community, employment
7. Discuss your financing needs
8. Recommend qualified mortgage brokers
9. Make appointments and show properties
10. Provide timely and professional disclosure and research
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Great tips! Thanks for sharing your article.
Posted by: Mortgage Broker Australia ON Mon, January 31, 2022 at 3:51:50 am MST
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