… doesn’t make you a chef.

Real estate agents are always looking for niche markets. Things they do better than others; people they like better to work with; areas they know well.

I have a Google Search (if you don’t know how to do that send me a note and I will be glad to step you through it) for “exclusive buyer agents”. Every evening I get a list of those webs, blogs and videos that the little web spiders have uncovered.
The majority of them are not – emphasis on the NOT – “exclusive.” I guess they think because the buyer will work only with them that meets the general definition. However that sounds like all take and no give to me. An Exclusive Buyer Agent is correctly defined as someone who makes sure it works BOTH ways. The Buyer (client) works exclusively with one real estate person (agent) AND the real estate person never represents the Seller (otherwise known as the Opponent when we get to negotiations) so there will never be an issue of whose best interests are being served.
But with so many real estate agents using the word “exclusive” how can you tell the chefs from the rest of the staff ?
It’s really not too hard. Look for the NAEBA designation. They only take members who work exclusively with buyers. If you don’t see that designation, then look at the links on the agent’s website.
If there is a link to “My Listings” then you are looking at a Sous-Chef.

Find yourself another restaurant!

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